Otter Point Estates Site Plan

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Building Scheme

Terms of Instrument – Part 2


  1. For the purposes of this Building Scheme the following words or phrases have the following meaning:
    • “Improvements” means any building or other structure or landscaping constructed or installed on any Lot, or to be constructed or added or altered on any Lot;
    • “Lot” means any of the lots that are subject to this Building Scheme:
    • “Manufactured Home” means any structure, whether ordinarily equipped with wheels or not, that is Designed, constructed or manufactured to be moved from one place to another to provide a dwelling house, a business office or premises or accommodation or any structure defined as a manufactured home on the Manufactured Home Act:
    • “Recycled Home” means any structure that was previously erected at another location and used as a dwelling house or premises, a business office or accommodation
  2. Any construction of Improvements shall not remain in an uncompleted state beyond the period ending on the date 12 months from the date of commencement of construction. All construction of Improvements on any Lot shall proceed diligently and continuously from commencement of construction until completion.
  3. No Improvement other than one private single family dwelling and one secondary suite (which may be attached or unattached to the primary dwelling) together with related accessory buildings, landscaping, garages and miscellaneous structures shall be constructed on any Lot.
  1. There shall not be erected, placed or stored or otherwise located on any Lot any of the following:
    • A Manufactured Home; or
    • A Recycled Home
  2. One level homes constructed on any lot shall not be less than 1,500 square feet of gross floor area, not including garage areas, and two level homes constructed on any Lot shall not have a gross floor area on the first level of less than 1,200 square feet, and 400 square feet on the second level, not including garage areas. For the purposes of this paragraph ‘gross floor area’ means the sum of the total floor area of each story in each building measured to the outside face of the exterior walls and excludes the areas of canopies, sundecks, outside stairs, and concealed parking.
  3. Clotheslines shall not be visible from the road.
  4. There shall be no pole, mast, sports equipment, antennas or similar property or equipment in place on any lot which is visible from the road other than satellite receiving dishes of no greater than 24″ in diameter.
  5. No trailers, boats, commercial vehicles, recreational vehicles, unlicensed vehicles or equipment stored on or about a Lot unless it is stored inside an enclosed garage or in an area on the Lot which is bounded by screening (which screening may include natural vegetation) for the benefit of neighbouring Lots.
  6. There shall be no Lot or any Improvement to any Lot that be allowed to become in disrepair.
  7. There shall be no materials and/or debris stored or disposed of on any Lot.
  8. The Developer (A-3 Holdings Corp.) expresses reserves the right to exempt unsold Lots from any and all of the restrictions and benefits contained within this building scheme and this Schedule of Restrictions.

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